Why hydro-alginate impression? ?

Are you satisfied with Alginates ?

Alginate is the hydrophilic material of choice unlike other materials which are hydrophobic and require drying.

Moreover, alginate is easy to use and it is economic.

We can blame the alginate its possible inaccuracy and fragility due to its lack of elasticity.

The solution ? + alginate hydrocolloid

The advantage of hydro-alginate impression is knowing marry the ease and speed of use of the alginate with the specific hydrocolloid the accuracy that will adhere to the alginate. The marriage takes place in fact two hydrocolloids, hydrocolloid remaining in the reference material, alginate (hydrocolloid irreversible) and COHERE® (reversible hydrocolloid)
Indications: fixed prostheses and squelletés.

Is the impression economic ?

The mass of the most commonly used material for an impression is that intended for the tray.
In the Hydro-Alginate art, the carrier material is alginate ...
Just make the price ratio between 1 kg and 1 kg of alginate another carrier material (silicone, polyether ...)

Simplicity of impression

L’appareil DRY CONDITIONER est un conditionneur automatique sans eau, simple d’utilisation pour la liquéfaction et le stockage de l’Hydrocolloïde COHERE®.


Remove the temporary restoration or perform gingival retraction, rinse and dry.


Asperger in the sulcus, the pillars and the adjacent teeth COHERE PRE PRINTING SPRAY (based on sodium chloride), wetting agent, surface tension reducer.
Remove excess without drying (COHERE® is hydrophilic).


COHERE® extract a syringe 602 or 605 of the conditioner, check the consistency and adjust a NEEDLE LUER-LOCK 18 OR 15 to the end of the syringe.


At the same time prepare the * tray with the alginate.
Most commercial alginates suitable. Preferably choose an alginate not overloaded with plaster and a setting time of between 2 'and 2'30 "(with warm water).
* A conventional tray, solid or perforated, is perfect.


INJECT COHERE® in the sulcus and cover the pillars and adjacent wetlands.
Insert the tray immediately in the mouth moderate pressure (COHERE® fuse easily), and hold it in position.


When the decision is effective (2 'to 3'), detaching the tray with a dry movement.


- Flow the imprint directly so that you can draw your own limits.
- Immerse the impression in a diluted potassium sulfate solution 2% (gingi-FIX) does not exceed 20 minutes, retained the imprint in a vacuum bag without adding additional moisture (cotton soaked ...)